subway surf game

Subway Surf Game PC

Storm through the subway surf game as fast as possible avoiding oncoming speeding trains also don’t be captured by the subway inspector and his pit bull guard dog collect jet packs and start surfing the subway win high score and be crowned the subway surf  king click the orange “Free Download” button below to get started.subway surfers game for pc download

Subway Surf Game Adventures Official Trailer

Important: After downloading open the subway surfer installation folder and unzip ‘Subway_Surfers_Data’ folder

subway surf game

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Overview Of Subway Surf Game

As a frequent Pc and phone player of the subway surf game here’s the breakdown this is like temple run gone hardcore, the exception theirs action around every corner keeping you much more entertained in many many ways. At the heart of the subway surf game is you and your friends running through and terrorizing the subway tracks on a all out coin grab also collecting power-ups moving forward avoid fast approaching barriers like oncoming trains, stationary lights, and solid barricades and more. Keep your balance jumping from track to track by clicking your Pc or swiping your phones, and tablets left to right on your screen this game can move at very fast speeds always pushing you forward pretty cool download. OK now for the fun part power-ups these can amass you a huge score in the subway surf game. When the jet-pack and coin magnet are activated it pulls large amounts of coins in your direction (also allowing you on top of the tracks were the coins are unlimited) the out come is unbeaten scores this also increases your speed which is good for coins but terrible if you can’t dodge the oncoming obstacles fast enough while collecting coins. I Saved the best for last you also can play exciting missions the also gets you hoards of coins along the way. Additionally this game download is very popular and compatible with Pc, androids, and all apple devices online the subway surf game has many different versions and is automatically updated to the new version every time one comes out think you can beat my high score and become subway surf game king.

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